Technical Marketing

The Internet has become a widely-used resource in the search for technical services and components. When a user lands on your site, what will he see? A guy working out of his garage, or an established manufacturer with an engineering staff? Don't let an amateuristic web site turn users away from a product that could provide them with a real solution.

A typical graphic designer can create a dynamic site and good-looking documents but will not be able to evaluate whether or not the information being posted will make your product easier to integrate than your competitions'.

I can create web sites, data sheets, and specification tables that will answer prospective customers' questions without their having to puzzle over "how to use this catalog" sections or bother your engineers with questions that could be answered concisely in a document. When the deadline is tomorrow, users will choose the product which needs the least amount of explanation—not the one that requires them to wait for someone three time zones away to find the time to contact him.

Services include web site design, data sheet / brochure design, product photography, and corporate identity. I have the technical know-how to represent your products in the best possible light and will furnish you with easy-to-edit materials so that you don't have to depend on a third party for maintenance.