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Software and GUI

Measurement Science Enterprise, Inc. manufactures the world's smallest optical velocity sensors. Their systems are also known for their ease of use. In 2008 a custom hardware acquisition and processing unit was to be brought into production, and it needed PC-side software to communicate with it that would replace LabView software previously supplied with systems.

Development Management

I wrote the firmware specification and the PC software was started shortly thereafter. The software is capable of configuring the device, receiving data from it without bottlenecks, and display results live to the user. It also interfaces with traverse controllers to allow for computerized movement of the sensors. All acquisition parameters can be scripted to change along with traverse movement, allowing incredibly flexible acquisition programs to be executed. I have also written custom modules for specific customers.

The user software is multithreaded and is over 60,000 lines of code. I also wrote a code-independent low-level diagnostic tool to verify that both the PC software and the acquisition device comply with the firmware specification.


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